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11. october 2020

  • Fix: Fixed bug on Kubik Event with number 6 dice won't recognized at some positions.
  • Fix: Players who lost on Panic Attack event, will not receive an reward.
  • Fix: Fixed some various bugs on RWC
  • Added: New locations to @go command (@go 32 - rwc, @go 33 - main office)
  • Added: Dispel Assumptio/Gospel on Castle Entering (1.0, 2.0, Ancient)
  • Added: Added Fishing Table, to see how many fishers now
  • Added: Added Awakening System [experemental]
    • After reaching max level, you can reborn as usual Novice 1/1, with Awakening Bonus, each awakening will raises Bonus skill level
  • Modified: Moved/Duplicated some npc's to Main Office from Town

06. september 2020

  • Improved server stability

02. september 2020

  • Game client version was changed back to 2018 client
  • Added Equip Switch
  • Added Attendance system
  • Disabled old daily bonus
  • Added 6 new headgears to Claw Machine
  • Added 'Take a Link' npc near the WoE 1.0 castles
  • Added autopot atcommand [experemental]
  • Mvp room possible fix of stuck
  • Fixed an exploit in the autocast system, allowing to bypass the deletion of skill requirements under certain conditions.
  • Improovements into @specwoe command
  • Improovements into BG balancing
  • Black Star Egg was changed to Fashion Egg with 5 brand new headgears inside
  • Fishing Rod upgrade conditions were updated, now it have less chance increment and less fail level reduction

31. july 2020

  • Added 5 new costume headgears to Claw Machine
  • Fixed warp coordinates at the Conquest BG
  • Changed price of Sumptuous Feast and Assorted Shish Kebob in WoE Shop
  • Changed warp and savepoint coordinates in Brasilis
  • Now you automatically heal on respawn at the Domination BG

There will be more changes soon, stay with us!

20. july 2020

  • Fix: Some automated/manual event fixes
Fixed an issue, when you got striped by entering an Event after Abra Event (mostly it was The Tarot Card of Fate)
Fixed some maflags cleanup after ending some Automated Events
Fixed some manual GM events
Now the BG Daily Quest doesn't reset at 3:00 a.m.
Now you can take the BG Daily Quest every 24 hours.
  • Fix: Skill reset/build switch NPC
Nude character before skill reset/build switch
Changed/Rewrited skill learning function to applying skills correctly (experemental)
  • Fix: Some issue with missing MVP at MVP Room
  • Added: 2 new auras to Aura Changer NPC
  • Modified: BotCheck detect algorithm
  • Modified: Now you can save CURRENT position in some instances, when trying to char-select
  • Modified: Increased amount of BG/WOE consumables in Telma/WOE Shop

27. june 2020

  • Fix: Fixed issue when new fish food didn't give a status
  • Fix: Fixed various events
  • Fix: Fixed position bug in some cases
  • Added: Added manual GM event: Play Dead (experemental)
  • Added: Now zombies on Resident Evil can't show their auras
  • Added: Added new BG mode: Domination
  • Modified: Now Cash Cart can be restored after Skill Reset/Build Switch or after some Events
  • Modified: Removed minimum guild cap from WoE:SE

19. june 2020

Note: Some of changes were already implemented on live server, during emergency maintenance 14/06/2020

  • General Fixes/Improvements/Additional

Fix: Fixed Slim Potion Pitcher/Potion Pitcher fail skill state
Fix: Fixed autobuy
Fix: Removed Kvass drop from Bow Guardian, disabled trasform to Bow Guardians
Fix: Now you can wear & equip any Costume headgear on Ancient WOE.
Added: Now you can drop a Dark Blood from any MVP (only on fields)
Added: Now you can read info about WOE at WoE Shedule NPC in Trinity (@go 0)
Added: Guild Packages
Changed: Now you need Dark Blood to invest into MVP Room, instead of War Badge
Changed: Minimum WOE Cap on WoE SE is now 5 instead of 18
Modified: Improoved Guild Binding algorithm (Guild Bound Items) (NPC Guild Kafra, @go 0)

  • Manual events updates/fixes

Safety Wall
Fixed issue with unrensponse from safety wall, when you step them
Changed behavior to spawning Safety Walls, now it spawns 1 SW less than players (e.g. 10 players -> spawn 9 SW)
Resident Evil
Fixed behavior when zombie was stucked and can't attack
Fixed behavior with misses to High Flee/Perfect Dodge players. (now zombies hits with 100%, you can't dodge it)
Slightly increased zombies attack and move speed.
Lava Event
Added Lava event
Bomb Porings
Changed bomb porings spawn count, now it's based on players count & round, also was added static increment.
Added Bombring Capsule -> spawns a Bombring near you, you will receive it every next round
After death your body will more to center of map (event entrance)
Added dynamic area research to spawn Bombring, based on players positions
Panic Attack
Winners count condition were lowered from 5 to 2
General Fixes/Improvements
Added Event Rounds to Manual Events (so don't leave event zone even if you lose ;))

  • Battlegrounds Fixes/Improvements

Now you can't join BG in some cases (experemental)
Conquest: 3rd barricades destroyed
KVM: 2nd and higher round already started
TeamDeathmatch: 15 or less kills remaining
Ressurection: 2nd and higher round already started
Triple Inferno: 30 or more scores are already taken by some team
Added TeamDeathmatch dynamic score Increment/Decrement based on unique server online (no autotrades & 2 windows are counted) and Last BG online (in both teams) (experemental)
Conquest: now after both stones or barricades were destoroyed, all defence will be teleported to base, if they didn't teleport by themselves. (experemental)
Changes cases of enabling respawn protection: (experemental)
Conquest: removed respawn protection after rewarping to base by flag
KVM: removed round initial respawn protection
Resurrection: removed round initial respawn protection

  • Fishing Updates

Fish & Fish Crates deliver are now hardware based
Significantly lowered chances to catch unique/golden fish on low Rod level and added linear chances increment
Slightly increased chances to catch unique/golden fish on Rod level 70 and higher
Waiting time on low Rod level was increased
Waiting time on high Rod level was decreased
Added significant chances increment by using high grade Bait, (level 2 doubles chances, level 3 triples and etc.)
Added new Fish & Crates to Hugel, Ayothaya, Brasilis and Jawaii
Hugel: Giant Octopus (Unique)
Ayothaya: Delicious Sardine (Unique)
Brasilis: Blue Shark (Unique)
Jawaii: Snow Crab (Unique)
Fixed bug with 0 rod level reduce after upgrade level 20+ Rods
Fixed very ancient bug, when sometimes rod level passed to char was higher than is.
Added new fish food combinations to Combination Kit.
Fish Salad: 3 Bitter Herb, 3 Tentacle, 10 Clam Flesh, 5 Fish Tail, 5 Piranha, 5 Blue Fish, 5 Flying Fish
Effect: Increase Magic Attack +5, Hit +5, Cast Time reduce by 2%
Fish Soup: 10 Bao, 1 Raw Fish, 20 Fresh Fish, 3 Cursed Water, 1 Sea Bream, 5 Solid Fish, 5 Solid Tuna
Effect: Flee +2, Def +10, HP recovery Rate +10%, VIT +3
Steamed Crab Nippers: 8 Shrimp, 2 Yam, 30 Nipper, 3 Crab Shell, 1 Snow Crab, 10 Blue Fish
Effect: Critical +7, SP Recovery Rate +10%, Def +5
Barbecued Squid: 5 Fin, 8 Clam Flesh, 3 Sweet Sauce, 10 Live Coal, 5 Folding Fan of Cat Ghost, 1 Giant Squid, 10 Flying Fish
Effect: Max SP +500, ATK +2, Flee +5
Hot Fish Buffet: 5 Hinalle Leaflet, 1 Sushi, 3 Sweet Sauce, 1 Matchstick, 5 Shrimp, 5 Blue Shark, 1 Golden Fish
Effect: Attack Power +2%, Max HP +1000, Adds 5% defence against long attack damage, MDef +10, ASPD +1

Known issues
  • New fish food didn't give status
  • Report via tickets about broken build manager (load saved build cause a skill missing glitch)

  • Bugfixes
  • BG Improvemnets (server side stability, client side, new modes and etc.)
  • Arena Wars Rewrite

09. june 2020 hot fixes

  • Fixed issue with Abracadabra
  • Fixed Battleground
  • Fixed some fishing announcements
  • Fixed Change Look sprite removed on Guild Location

09. june 2020

- Now you need to Activate your Bait by clicking on it. (Usable item)
- Time: Wednesday 20:00 - 21:00
  • Added bonuses for MVP pets:
- Osiris: ATK +10
- Mistress: When using skills that requires a gemstone(s), there is a little chance to not spend them.
- Eddga: Have a little chance to break enemy weapon when attacking.
- Moonlight Flower: Has a low chance to recover 200 HP per second for 5 seconds, when being attacked.
- Garm: Reduces received Storm Gust damage by 10%
- Incantation Samurai: Have a low chance of activating 'Hiding' for a 3s, when being attacked
- Tao Gunka: Has a low chance to increase your MaxHP by 1000, when being physically attacked.
  • The BG Happy Hours time has been changed:
- 02:00 - 05:00
- 10:00 - 13:00
- 20:00 - 23:00
  • Added Change Look Ticket to Cash Shop, Event Shop, Claw Machine, Angler Token Vendor and Lucky Eggs. It allows you to change your appearance for 15 minutes to:
- Wedding Dress
- Christmas Suit
- Summer Suit
- Alternate Summer Suit
- 3rd job sprite
- Alternate 3rd job sprite
  • Changed the time of auto-kicking autotrade merchants from 3 days to 7
  • Fixed Rainbow Cake bonus
  • Now you can't register on Battleground from jail
  • Now you can't use the restock while in jail
  • Now every monster can drop a Kvass, which will turn you into this monster for 15 minutes
  • BG Improvements
  • Arena Wars Rework

01. june 2020

  • The Flower Egg sale is over
  • The Beach Egg sale has begun.
  • Added Fishing System
- Before you start fishing, make sure you have the bait in your inventory!
- New NPC - Angler Token Trader (inside Main Office)
- New NPC - Fishing Rod Dealer (inside Main Office), where you can:
- Buy Fishing Rod Lv. 1
- Buy Worm Bait Lv. 1
- Upgrade Fishing Rod
- Added Fishing Place: Comodo
Fishing Place Comodo.jpg
- Fish: Blue Fish
- Unique Fish: Tiny Trout, Crucian Carp, Golden Carp
- More fishing spots and Fish Combination Kit (able to produce stat/bonus food from catched fish) will be added soon.
  • Added Hat Exchanger NPC (trinity,21,102) where you can exchange some hats that you don't need for Lucky Claw Ticket, which increases the chance of getting rare items from Claw Machine for 10 minutes.
  • Fixed & Improved Resident Evil event
  • Added 2 new Lucky Eggs to the GM Ticket Shop
- Wonderful Egg
- Summer Egg
  • Lucky Eggs updated:
- Added new Old Card Alboms with card slot selection
- Added unique MVP pets taming scrolls
- Added new costume headgears related to Wonderful Egg and Summer Egg
  • Food for MVP pets now dropped from the following monsters:
Mistress Pet Food:
- Aunoe, chance: 10%
- Byorgue, chance: 4%
- Deviace, chance: 1%
Eddga Pet Food:
- Eclipse, chance: 15%
- Giant Hornet, chance: 5%
- Gullinbursti, chance: 5%
Garm Pet Food:
- Dimik, chance: 2%
- Leib Olmai, chance: 5%
- Toad, chance: 10%
Golden Thief Bug Pet Food:
- Mastering, chance: 10%
- Ungoliant, chance: 5%
- Mutant Dragon, chance: 7%
Incantation Samurai Pet Food:
- Thanatos Dolor, chance: 5%
- Executioner, chance: 10%
- The Paper, chance: 8%
Osiris Pet Food:
- Duneyrr, chance: 10%
- Hydro, chance: 5%
- Mysteltainn, chance: 5%
Moonlight Flower Pet Food:
- Echio, chance: 10%
- Zombie Master, chance: 15%
- Hell Apocalips, chance: 9%
Tao Gunka Pet Food:
- Hardrock Mammoth, chance: 20%
- Cobalt Mineral, chance: 10%
- Gremlin, chance: 3%
  • Fixed exploit when you was able to receive an Endless Cellar reward (at the end) with Bloody Branch unlimited times.
  • Added KVM BG walls to respawn area.
  • +7 Stat food sell price changed, now it's 10z instead of 20,000z
  • BG announces on Conquest start now can see only related team (Red team announces to Red team, Blue team announces to Blue team)
  • Removed duplicate items from Cash Preview
  • Fixed area support skills on BG spawn zone (i.e. Poem of Bragi)
  • Changed WoE SE duration from 2h to 1h 30m (17.00 - 18.30)

24. may 2020

  • Now we have supportive announcements on market location to help you.
  • WoE SE(2.0) Time is changed from 1h30m to 2h
  • Now you will receive 80% of BG Rewards during WoE SE(2.0)
    • WoE FE(1.0) reduction & reduction notice was removed. You will receive 100% of BG Rewards during WoE FE(1.0)
  • Now you can't miss on Resident Evil GM event
  • Fixed exit from Safety Wall GM event

22. may 2020

  • The WoE:SE castle has been changed to arug_cas01.
  • Market map was changed.
  • Now to open vending on the market, you need to talk to the NPC Vending Places.
  • All autotrade merchants have been removed.

15. may 2020

  • Added 2 new combos

[ Benevolent Guardian + Holy Stick[1] ]
Increases the recovery power of the user's healing skills by an additional 3% per refine on the Holy Stick.
[ Benevolent Guardian + Healing Staff ]
Increases the recovery power of the user's healing skills by an additional 1% per refine on the Healing Staff.

  • Added 8 new costume headgears to the Quest Shop
  • Fixed Naval Officer Hat bonus. Added effect: Increase damage against water property monster by +10%
  • Newbie Ring weight is now 0
  • Fixed Soul Linker skill "Eska" mdef increment
  • Now Super Novices can't use Cart Changer
  • Fixed & Improoved market clean up
  • WoE: SE Castle in now Horn with 3 warps
  • Fixed some typos in Extended Vending system
  • Fixed Resist Potions & Timer/Status effects.
  • Fixed issue when MVP and monsters beeing healed at 00:00 server time
  • Kaizel now removes when you entered on PvP Related events (Asura Event, Abracadabra Event, Battle Royal Event and etc.)
  • Added exit on Safety Wall event
  • War Badge penalty on Battleground is now disabled during WoE: FE
  • Improved server stablity & performance.

01. may 2020

  • The Flower Egg with unique costume headgears has been added to Cash Shop. It will be available until June 1.
  • Fixed incorrect work of Elemental Resistance Potions.
  • Fixed trade\drop restrictions for items with Account Bound option.
Known issue: At the moment you can't put these items in the storage. This will be fixed at the next maintenance.
  • Now you can't use the Vending skill while in the prevend state. Previously, you could select a vending currency and get an error in the chat that you might not notice. Now you can't select a currency too.
  • Changed min cap on WoE Second Edition to 18 guild members.
  • Added 2 new costume headgears to the Ranked Arena Box.
  • Added 12 new costume headgears to Donation Packages.
  • Added 7 new costume headgears to the Cash Shop.
  • Added 15 new costume headgears to the Claw Machine.

24. april 2020

  • Fixed Holy Marcher Hat bonus. Auto-cast Lv 1 Lex Aeterna now works only for Acolytes and Priests.
  • Auto-casted Lex Aeterna no longer works on friendly targets.
  • Fixed rating calculation while being in the party at PvP Arena.
  • Changed drop from WoE:FE treasure chests. You can find out more here: WoE_FE_Information
  • Now you can't summon your pets and ride mounts on some events.
  • Fixed Triangle Rune Cap description.

19. april 2020

  • Added WoE FE - 99/70 - Friday - 19.00-20:00. You can find more information here: WoE_FE_Information
  • WoE SE - Reduced duration time from 2h to 1h 30m (New time: 17:00-18:30)
  • Fixed bug with moving in Alberta town (New map uploaded)
  • Added 15 seconds delay for sending messages in #trade channel
  • Conquest BG: Added Respawn Protection when using flags
  • Fixed Costume Baphomet Jr Helm sprite
  • You can't use mounts on Some GM Events now.
  • Improved server stablity & performance.

15. april 2020

  • Various fixes in Global Lucker Event
  • Fixed @channelsave
  • The Ranked Arena has been removed.
  • No Potion PvP Arena has been removed
  • Ranked Mode is enabled on the PvP arena.
Known issue: Speed Potions can't be used until the next maitenance.

14. april 2020

  • Fixed & Improved Monster Fight event.
  • Added new headgears to Dark Box.
  • Added age confirmation on joining channels with first login.
  • Added Easter Event 14.04.2020 - 24.04.2020.
Rabbits Egg Snatching:
Explanation: 2 teams of rabbits trying to steal eggs from each other, team winner - 1x Special Easter Egg, 15x Different Easter Eggs for Exchanging via NPC
Joining: Equip special item for joining battle.
Time: Every Day at 10:15, 15:15, 20:15. (Server Time)
Explanation: Crazy Chicken, he really really want's to kill all, try to win just clicking by her.
Joining: NPC "Cluckers" at glemior 152,303
Time: Every Day at 00:15, 04:15, 08:15, 12:15, 16:15, 20:15. (Server Time)
Egg Crushing:
Explanation: Find a Eggs from Easter Egg and Easter Bunny at Glemior, catch Easter Eggs, exchange for a Box with random Hat.
- Top 1 crusher will recieve a 450CP + unique headgear at the event end.
- Top 2 crusher will recieve a 200CP + unique headgear at the event end.
- Top 3 crusher will recieve a 100CP + unique headgear at the event end.
- Top 4 and 5 will recieve a special promotional headgears.
Joining: Glemior map
Time: Up to 24th April
Q: How to warp to Glemior?
A: NPC "Easter Chicken" at trinity 112, 87

11. april 2020 hot fixes

  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to use skills and attack opponents in some places on Ranked Arena.

11. april 2020

Changes to the Ranked Arena:

  • Now you can use Restock.
  • Now after leaving the arena using "Exit" board you will not be able to enter the arena within 20 seconds.
  • Location of safe zones in the arena has been changed.
  • The safe zone will not protect you from damage and negative status effects for 30 seconds if you leave it.
  • Now when you enter the arena you appear in one of the random safe zones.
  • Now you will not be able to get rating points and PvP badge if your opponent's rating is 300 or more below yours.
  • Now you can use items and skills while in the safe zone when it does not protect you.
  • Now you can't use Absorb Spirit Sphere on a player in the safe zone.
  • Now when a party member dies, all the members of the party lose their rating points.

Other changes:

  • Auto-trade characters will now be kicked from the server after 3 days of inactivity.
  • Market map was updated. New lines were added and previous ones were extended.
  • Dark Blood now drops only from natural bosses.
  • Fixed Fashion Scarf sprite.
  • Fixed Brown Feather Beret sprite.
  • Gepard Shield was updated.
  • The Daily Reward is back.

05. april 2020

  • Linux OS and Hercules emulator is optimized for a large number of connections and spam packets (also potential fix for yesterday's crash).
  • The Daily Bonuses are temporarily disabled due to bug abuses.
  • The safe zone on Ranked Arena will not protect you from damage and negative status effects for 10 seconds if you leave it.
  • Godlike Quest was disabled (previously left enabled by mistake) and all godlike items was removed

04. april 2020

  • Added Ranked PvP Arena. You can learn more about it here: Ranked PvP Arena
  • The entrance to the old PvP Arena was moved to Trinity 38,131.
  • Now at the end of BG you have a chance to get a Dark Treasure Box which contains various useful items and unique costume headgears. To open it you will need the Dark Key which can be obtained by completing the Battleground Daily Quest, by purchasing it from the Cash Shop or with a small chance from the Ranked Arena Box.
  • The Lucker Egg with unique costume hats has been added to Cash Shop. It will be available until May 4.
  • Added 8 new costume headgears to Claw Machine
  • Added 4 new unique costume headgears to Donation Packs
  • When you enter the game with a new character, you now get Freebies Pack

29. march 2020

  • Optimized server settings to work better with the current number of online players.
  • Auto-trade characters will now be kicked from the server after 7 days of inactivity.
  • Fixed issue related to bard and dancer skills under the soul link effect.
  • Fixed Jobmaster NPC's saved build load function. Now the saved skills should not disappear.
  • Added "#pl" chat channel.
  • Added 3 seconds delay between messages in trade channel.

22. march 2020

  • Fixed Soul Link at Bards and Dancers.
  • @nohats now hides the costume garments
  • The statues of the characters who ranked 1st place in the Battleground and PvP Arena (a little later) have been added to Trinity.
  • Safe zones on the maps are now protecting against MVP and Mini-Bosses.

21. march 2020 hot fixes

  • Fixed Abracadabra skill
  • Fixed the Daily Bonus.
  • To get the Daily Bonus you now need to play 15 minutes instead of 60.
  • Added Shield Boomerang to Plagiarize NPC
  • Fix mobs get stuck when trying to loot
  • A various fixes on the server side to improve stability.

21. march 2020

Important changes:

  • We changed the the EXE version of the game client to 2016. This should help with freezes in fights, freezes in ~15 minutes, some bugs and crashes and this client should be more stable.
  • We uploaded the new AI to the game client to stable work with Homunculus and Mercenary. Now it will be with the GUI configuration.
  • Adelays has been re-configured on the server to set the minimum delays. This will prevent the FPS lags and freezes in battles (actual for WoE/BG)
  • Potsy has been updated and you will need to download a new version, since the offset in this game client is different from the current.

Other changes:

  • All the traders who didn't enter the game for more than 7 days were kicked.
  • Attendance system was removed due to client version change.
  • Equipment Switch system was removed due to client version change.
  • You will now automatically receive the Daily Bonus after 60 minutes in the game. Use the @dailyinfo command to find out the details and see the list of rewards.
  • Speed Potion can now be used in the PvP arena.
  • Ganbantein now correctly removes Pneuma.

The emulator version has been updated. List of the most important changes in the new version:

  • Fixed Basilica unintentionally restraining boss mobs.
  • Fixed a duplicate "Skill Failed" message when using Asura Strike.
  • Fixed an issue that made a character turn to face its target after casting Asura Strike.
  • Fixed the position of a character after a failed Asura Strike cast to be 3 cells from its original position instead of 2.
  • Fixed some cases where the family exp sharing state wasn't correctly detected.
  • Fixed the status icon from the Elemental Resistance Potions not disappearing when the status changes end.
  • Fixed priest Status Recovery skill to only cure status effects if the target's element isn't Undead.
  • Fixed the damage calculation being too low when using Gunslinger rifles.
  • Fixed Tarot Card equipment breaking behavior to match the official, targeting only Left Hand (Shield), Armor and Helm.
  • Fixed interaction between Lex Aetherna and Stone/Freezing, now mutually exclusive.

15. march 2020

  • Several new events have been added, which will be held manually by our GM. As a reward you will receive GM Tickets, which can be exchanged for various things from Event Trader.
  • Now you can buy 100x Guarana Candies from Candy Maker.
  • Yggdrasil Leaf on Resurrection BG are now cast instantly and restore 80% hp.
  • Now you can resurrect players with Evil Druid Card on Resurrection BG.
  • Disabled Speed Potion on PvP maps.
  • Fixed Cheshire Tail sprite.
  • Fixed display of item names when adding a new item to the Restock List.
  • The Attendance window is now shown when you enter the game if you have an unclaimed item.
  • Fixed Switch Equipment. Now if you equip an item manually, it is not removed from the list.
  • Now when you open a vending for Zeny and sell armor, weapons or cards at a low price, a warning is displayed.
  • Skulls on the PvP arena are now added to inventory and do not fall to the ground.
  • Incubation time is now 100ms for all Stone skills except Stone Curse.

08. march 2020

  • Added International Women's Day event. Look for NPC Divine Florist in the main town: Trinity. The event will last for 4 days.
  • Pets can no longer loot items on the BG
  • No Potion arena has been fixed and now it is impossible to use healing items on it.
  • Fixed rating calculation on the PvP Arena
// evening updates:
  • Due to a bug the some players received MvP pets through Abracadabra skill. These should not have been introduced into the game in this way. The bug was fixed and these pets were deleted from these players. As compensation we sent them donation packages.

05. march 2020

  • Enabled BG Happy Hours. You will receive 20% more medals in the following times:
03:00 - 04:00
11:00 - 13:00
  • MVP and Mini-Boss cards can now be used on BG, but only one can be equipped at a time
  • Added 11 new headgears to donation packs
  • Fixed chests spawn on the Abra Event
  • Fixed balancing teams by jobs on the BG
  • Summon Monster, Class Change and Level Up can no longer be casted at the Abra Event

29. february 2020

  • Suicide is now counts as death on BG
  • Poison Bottle now can't kill you on BG
  • Fixed & changed some event announcements
  • Possible error fix on Restock NPC
  • Added Panacea, Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Berserk Potion to Telma
  • Fixed information about premium healer benefits on Healer Setup NPC
  • Reduced sale value of Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Berserk Potion to 10z
  • MVP on Guild Locations spawned using Abracadabra will no longer disappear after server reboot

23. february 2020

  • Increased a chance of getting Rainbow Stone from Claw Machine
  • Reduced round time on Resurrection BG
  • Fixed Abra & Asura event rings can't being equipped
  • A timer and a people counter have been returned to the arena.
  • Now you cannot spawn monsters from branch on moc_fild21
  • Online bonuses on BG were changed:

70+ ppl in team - x3.75
60+ ppl in team - x3.50
50+ ppl in team - x3.25
40+ ppl in team - x3.00
35+ ppl in team - x2.50
30+ ppl in team - x2.00
25+ ppl in team - x1.50
20+ ppl in team - x1.25

21. february 2020

  • Enabled autoevents. You can see the list of upcoming events using the @events command.
  • Changed AutoFreeCPU and CodePage settings in dinput.ini. If you made changes to this file - you should do it again.
  • Enabled Homunculus autofeed
  • Fixed the Endless Tower
  • Fixed Battleground Converter Boxes
  • Added display of the number of players in the arena at the NPC PvP-Arenas
  • Increased Flame Sprits Armor drop chance
  • Fixed spectator mode on RWC maps
  • A few minor fixes in the Guild Locations
  • The Limited Yggdrasil Seed and Yggdrasil Berry in the Claw Machine are replaced by common ones
  • Fixed Pets system
  • Added Abra Entrance board to the Guild Locations

17. february 2020

  • All statuses are now reset when you exit the RWC zone
  • Various fixes in the guild locations
  • Fixed incorrect afk check on Resurrection BG

16. february 2020

  • Fixed @noks
  • Fixed restock
  • Fixed Monster Control NPC on guild locations
  • Fixed Battleground messages
  • Fixed Recolor Headgear NPC
  • Fixed pvp on maps with MVP