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Connection Problems

I get an error "Failed to Connect to Server."

Quick Answer:  There may be several reasons for this, including personal connection issues, ISP problems, Proxy-Servers problem, Maintenance work or issues with the connections into NyaRo.

I get an error "Rejected from Server"?

Quick Answer:  This is because you've entered in the wrong password too many times. Wait 15 minutes and try again.

This happens when you continually type in the wrong password for an account. The server temporarily bans your IP form logging, this usually last 15 minutes. You should be able to log back in after that time provided that you’ve entered the correct password.

I get an error "Server still recognizes your last log-in. Please try again after a few minutes (8)"

This happens when you incorrect exit from the game, for example crash, or using Alt+F4.

Just wait a few minutes and try again. It should fix itself.

Why am I lagging while playing?

Quick Answer:  There are many potential reasons why you might be lagging. For a full overview, read below or check your internet connection to make sure that it is stable.

For a complete overview of diagnosing lag and working to solve it, please visit the Diagnosing Lag wiki entry.

First, make sure that there are no other applications running that might consume Internet bandwidth. Such as torrent software or other P2P applications.

Additionally, check to see that your graphics settings are properly configured. In some cases, lag can be a result of poor graphics performance on your computer, but this can sometimes be remedied through selecting the proper graphics card. In your opensetup.exe, check the THIRD OPTION (below Direct 3D HAL and Direct 3D T&L HAL) - which is usually the name of the graphics card you have in your computer (if you have more than one graphics card, select whichever one you would like to run). You'll usually see your single graphics card listed twice; this is normal. Simply select the first listing of your card and you should be able to properly run RO with its correct performance settings.

What is better for me, Direct Connection or Proxy?

Quick Answer: Please use the [ Direct Connection ] priority when you log in to the game, since our [ Multi-Proxy ] and other [ Proxy ] servers is required for players who have temporary problems with [ Direct Connection ].

We use premium backbone networks and your ping will be minimal with these premium routes on Direct Connection. Please do not overload our proxy servers at rush hour if you do not need it.

I lag in direct connection, which proxy server should I use?

Quick Answer: Depending on region of residence

North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Russia, Other - Try to use Multi-Proxy

South East Asia and Oceania - Try to use Singapore Proxy

Why am I lagging only at certain times (21:00~01:00 for example)

Quick Answer: This likely is more related to your home ISP changing their routes to the destination rather than the data canter. Also, peering and routing vary between data centers. Many providers change routing across their network constantly to try and offer the best possible services to their network (at the best possible price) both residential providers and data centers, which can also cause your routing and throughput to vary.

As an example of this in the US, Comcast (a cable internet provider) often switches from Tier 1 providers (Level3, Telia, etc) during the day to pure Cogent at night because the routes are cheaper for them. This will cause you to see different routing and throughput at night than you would see during the day as the Cogent routes are often oversold. This is only one example, but many ISPs (cable companies, DSL companies) do the same thing constantly to save them selves money. The result of this could be better throughput and latency during business hours, and slower higher latency during off business hours.


Routing/Peering is not a constant thing, it is always changing. There is no guarantee that you will have the same routes tomorrow as you do today and this can in some cases drastically effect throughput and latency to your destination. If it is bad enough, your best recourse is to contact your local provider (Cable company, DSL provider, etc) and let them know that you are having problems with getting good throughput or latency to a specific network. If you do this, be ready to provide specific information (traceroutes, mtr, transfers) to your provider so they are able to track down and correct the routing issue for you. While some may be able to offer you a solution and fix the routing, also be prepared to see no change if the route provided is the best they are willing to offer.

Game Client Problems

Gepard Shield stuck at loading screen without any errors

Quick Answer: Run opensetup.exe from the Ragnarok folder and choose the Resolution and Graphic Device

Low FPS / Freezes in Game Client on Win10 with Nvidia graphics

Quick Answer: Go to Nvidia Control Panel and change the 3D settings for client.exe

1) Max Frame Rate: 60 FPS

2) Monitor Technology: Fixed Refresh

3) Preferred Refresh Rate: Application-controlled

4) Vertical Sync: Use the 3D-application setting

If you don’t see this option, be sure to update your NVIDIA drivers. You can update your drivers in the GeForce Experience application if it’s installed or by downloading the latest drivers from NVIDIA’s website.

This feature was added in version 441.87 of the NVIDIA GeForce drivers, which were released on January 6, 2020.

I cannot select a Window Resolution in opensetup.exe

Quick Answer: Try to run opensetup.exe as Admin

pixeled login screen

I have pixeled login screen

Quick Answer: Try to uncheck "Disable hardware-accelerated graphics" in opensetup.exe

I get an error "Cannot init d3d OR grf file has problem" / Why I cant play on 2k+ Resolution?

Quick Answer: Ragnarok game client is old and uses DirectX 7. Maximum possible screen resolution is limited to 2048x1536

This screen resolution can be set manually by editing the dinput.ini file.

You can get more only by using third-party software called dgVoodoo

We don't recommend use it, but if you want please check guide here:

Allowed versions and added to exclusion to prevent blocks by Gepard Shield is 2.55.1 and 2.55.3

Download dgVodooo 2.5.53

You do not need to copy the file d3d8.dll

How to force to use nvidia graphics instead of intel on your any laptop

Quick Answer: You can use third-party software called dgVoodoo

Guide here:

Allowed versions and added to exclusion to prevent blocks by Gepard Shield is 2.55.1 and 2.55.3

Download dgVodooo 2.55.3

You do not need to copy the file d3d8.dll

I get an error "Gepard::STV Code: 1"

Quick Answer: The first thing to do is delete the updater.dat file in the game folder and run client.exe as admin for re-download all patches.

If it doesn't help you, then open Internet Explorer and go to link:

Press Ctrl+F5 to reload the page from server and don't use local cache (this should update the patch list and the page should change)

After that run client.exe as admin for updating the remaining files

I get an error "Resource File Loading fail ... (gkafra.bmp or other resource file)"

Quick Answer: You have a corrupt GRF file after updating

gkafra.bmp (or other file) is here from the server opening

solution way 1: fully uninstalling (delete folder with all files) and reinstalling the game client

solution way 2: fully uninstalling (delete folder with all files) and reinstalling the game client

Thor Patcher and Updating Problems

I get an error "Failed to communicate with server"

Quick Answer: This happens during temporary connection problems, as well as when our EXE is blocked by various antiviruses or firewalls, in this case you will need to add the game client folder and executable files (NyaRO Patcher.exe, client.exe, setup.exe) to the antivirus/firewall exceptions.

I get an error "nyaro.grf is use"

Quick Answer: Updater cannot pack files into GRF, since GRF is used by the running game client. Close all your game clients and run updater again.

Third-Party Software

How to use custom GRF files like grayworld or darkside?

Quick Answer: Please follow these instructions.

Potsy can't find the process

Quick Answer: Try to run as administrator

How to use RCX on Nyaro?

Quick Answer: RCX is out of date and not supported on our server. Use the analog built into the game client: LGP

How to run game on Mac and Linux

Ragnarok on Mac / Linux

Quick Answer: Ragnarok Online is designed to run on the Windows Operating System and RO is not supported on other OS platforms at this time. Some users have been able to configure Ragnarok Online for use within a Windows emulator on a Mac or Linux-based system, using a program such as Wine, WineSkin, Lutris, WineBottler, PlayOnMac/PlayOnLinux, etc.

We tested it on Manjaro Linux, Wine versions is 3.15, 3.2 and its works properly.

For Mac users:

If you have Gepard Shield loading splash stuck on top, please create a empty file with the filename "no_splash" without any extension to fix this issue.

For Russian/Ukrainian/Belorussian Linux-users:

You may have trouble writing Cyrillic characters, but you should read the text without any problems.

If you have problems with reading Cyrillic characters, please start game with prefix LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8


LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8 wine /home/.wine/drive_c/games/Nyaro/client.exe

I get in dialogue "Double login detected", but I have only one window

Quick Answer: The problem here is that all Mac users has the same unique hardware id when using Wine whereby all users are defined as one player. We can support MacOS only this way. In other case all users can join bg in multiple windows and we should use this feature to prevent abuses.