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The Ranked Mode

The Ranked Mode is enabled in the PvP Arena every day from 22:00 to 23:00.

Rating Points

When you kill your opponents, you get rating points, which are calculated according to the following formula:

30 * (1 - (1 / (1 + 10 ^ ((loser_rank - winner_rank) / 400))))

If you kill an opponent while in a party, the number of rating points received will depend on the character with the highest rating points in your party.

When you die, you lose rating points. You will not get rating points if your opponent's rating is 300 less than yours.

Every Monday and Friday at 00:01 rating points are reset. The top 3 players receive an reward via Rodex mail.

These hats will expire in 4 days.

Golden Bravery Crown.pngSilver Bravery Crown.pngBronze Bravery Crown.png

The top 1 player additionally gets the Costume Top Player Hat for 4 days.

Top Player Hat.png

Also a statue will be installed in Trinity City in honour of the player who ranked first.

Ranked Arena Statue.png

PvP Badges

When you kill opponents, you also get a PvP Badge. PvP Badges can be exchanged for Ranked PvP Arena Box at Ranked Arena NPC.

You can obtain the following items from Ranked PvP Arena Box:

  • Condensed White Potion
  • Blue Potion
  • Speed Potion
  • Box of Sunlight
  • Poison Bottle
  • Sumptuous Feast
  • Soul Haunted Bread
  • Steamed Alligator with Vegetable
  • Whole Roast
  • Royal Jelly Herbal Tea
  • Assorted Shish Kebob
  • Box of Gloom
  • Alchemist Box BG (100)
  • Bottle Of Beer
  • Bottle Of Wine
  • 5 Claw Attempt Ticket
  • 10 Claw Attempt Ticket
  • 20 Claw Attempt Ticket
  • Dark Key
  • Random unique Costume Headgear

Dark Crescent 2.png

You can only get a PvP Badge once in a certain period of time, which depends on your rating points:

Rating Points Delay (minutes)
1500+ 20
1700+ 18
1900+ 17
2000+ 15
2100+ 14
2200+ 13
2300+ 12
2400+ 11
2500+ 10
2700+ 7

You can't get a PvP Badge if your opponent's rating is 300 less than yours.