How to enable false full-screen mode

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Many people know that Ragnarok Online in full screen mode doesn't work properly.

Possible freezes of the game client in loading screens, and FPS drops, because of bad optimization.

If you like to play in full screen mode, you can enable the pseudo/false full-screen mode.

How to enable false full-screen mode:

  • Open the file dinput.ini (in the game folder) using Notepad
  • Remove RO window title/borders and lock its position:
WindowLock =0

change to:

WindowLock =1
  • Change RO window size.
WindowWidth =1366
WindowHeight =768
  • Insert your screen resolution values, if different from 1366x768

*Example for resolution 1920x1080:

WindowWidth =1920
WindowHeight =1080

PS: In this mode uses a library dinput.dll (RoExt).


RO uses DirectX 7

Max resolution is 2048x1536.