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BG Gear level

BG Gearlevel (gear level) was created to prevent of joining to Battleground an unprepared characters.
You should collect at least 12 points, to join Battlegrounds.

  • You can increase your gearlevel by wearing high grade weapons/equipment. (List below)
  • You can increase your gearlevel by overrefine ('> 4' for Equipment, '> 7' level 1 weapons, '> 6' level 2 weapons, '> 5' level 3 weapons, '> 4' level 4 weapons)
  • You can increase your gearlevel by equip any of available cards. (List below)
  • Note! You can decrease your gearlevel by equip any of prohibited cards. (List below)

Items info/tables

  • Any item which is not listed below, adding by default 1 point.
  • Any item from Cash Shop adding by default 2 point.

Weapon Table
Item Points
Brave Assaulter's Katzbalger 2
Valorous Assaulter's Katzbalger 2
Combat_Knife 3
Brave Carnage Katar 2
Valorous Carnage Katar 2
Valorous Insane Battle Axe 2
Brave Insane Battle Axe 2
Assaulter Spear 2
Valorous Battlefield Morning Star 2
Brave Battlefield Morning Star 2
Brave Battle Strategy Book 2
Valorous Battle Strategy Book 2
Warlock's Magic Wand 2
Warlock's Battle Wand 2
Strong Recovery Wand 2
Speedy Recovery Wand 2
Valorous Battle CrossBow 3
Brave Battle CrossBow 3
Valorous Battle Fist 2
Brave Battle Fist 2
Valorous Battlefield Guitar 2
Brave Battlefield Guitar 2
Valorous Battle Lariat 2
Brave Battle Lariat 2
Equipment Table
Item Points
Valkyrja's Shield 2
Valkyrian Armor 3
Diabolus Robe 3
Diabolus Armor 3
Assaulter Plate 2
Elite Engineer Armor 2
Assassin Robe 2
Warlock's Battle Robe 2
Medic's Robe 2
Elite Archer Suit 2
Elite Shooter Suit 2
Variant Shoes 3
Diabolus Boots 4
Battle Greaves 2
Combat Boots 2
Battle Boots 2
Diabolus Manteau 3
Captain's Manteau 2
Commander's Manteau 2
Sheriff's Manteau 2
Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb 3
Bloodied Shackle Ball 3
Orleans's Glove 3
Medal of Honor 2
Medal of Honor 2
Medal of Honor 2
Medal of Honor 2
Medal of Honor 2
Medal of Honor 2
Diabolus Ring 2
Bradium Earring 2
Bradium Ring 2
Bradium Brooch 2
Available Cards
Card Noxious Card
Card Raydric Card
Card Horn Card
Card Thara Frog Card
Card Matyr Card
Card Green Ferus Card
Card Marc Card
Card Evil Druid Card
Card Zerom Card
Card Alligator Card
Card Salamander Card
Card Drops Card
Card Cecil Damon Card
Card Centipede Larva Card
Card Nightmare Card
Card Aliot Card
Card Giant Whisper Card
Card Gemini-S58 Card
Card Deviling Card
Card Smokie Card
Card Horong Card
Card Mantis Card
Card Flame Skull Card
Card Stalactic Golem Card
Card Fabre Card
Card Marine Sphere Card
Card Isilla Card
Card Vanberk Card
Card Firelock Soldier Card
Card Siroma Card
Prohibited Cards
Card Creamy Card
Card Abysmal Knight Card
Card Myst Case Card
Card Bathory Card
Card Mimic Card
Card Raydric Archer Card
Card Plasma Card