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General Information

  • The tournament will be held in a 3x3 PVP mode.
  • Bracket format: Double elimination
  • All matches within the tournament will be run at the stage of Best-of-5, except for the finals, it will be - Best-of-7
  • Changing party members within the duration of the tournament will be not allowed.
  • All party leaders should acknowledge their team position from the given tournament listings and should be completely prepared 5 minutes prior to the turn, failure to do so will result in team disqualification.
  • You will be allowed to use @spec command in order to spectate the on-going matches.
  • All job classes are accepted but it will not be allowed to have similar classes, i.e. 2 High Priests within a team is restricted.
  • You will be receiving +10 food effect automatically before the initiation of each round.
  • MVP and Mini-Boss cards will be disabled.
  • Restock will be disabled during fight.
  • Pets will be disabled.
  • All status effects will be removed on the round start.
  • Bard\Dancer ensembles will be disabled.
  • Autoclickers and Autopotion will be allowed.
  • You will be allowed to use battleground equipment and consumables.
  • You will not be able to carry more then one Box of Sunlight within the tournament map.

Disabled Items


  • Yggdrasilberry
  • Seed Of Yggdrasil
  • Greed Scroll
  • Giggling Box
  • Blessing 10 Scroll
  • Inc Agi 10 Scroll
  • Aspersio 5 Scroll
  • Assumptio 5 Scroll
  • Guarana Candy


  • All MVP and Mini-Boss cards
  • Zenorc Card
  • Snake Card
  • Skeleton Card
  • Savage Babe Card
  • Metaller Card
  • Familiar Card
  • Plankton Card
  • Marina Card
  • Magnolia Card
  • Breeze Card
  • Requiem Card

Disabled Skills

  • Acoustic Rhythm
  • Anger of the Moon
  • Anger of the Stars
  • Anger of the Sun
  • Assumptio
  • Basilica
  • Battle Chant (Gospel)
  • Battle Theme
  • Blessing of the Moon
  • Blessing of the Stars
  • Blessing of the Sun
  • Call Baby
  • Call Parent
  • Classical Pluck
  • Comfort of the Moon
  • Comfort of the Stars
  • Comfort of the Sun
  • Dimension Door
  • Down Tempo
  • Fatal Menace
  • Feeling the Sun Moon and Stars
  • Harmonic Lick
  • Hatred of the Sun Moon and Stars
  • Hocus-pocus (Abracadabra)
  • I miss You
  • Ice Wall
  • Kaizel
  • Lope
  • Lullaby
  • Mental Sensing
  • Party Assumptio
  • Plant Cultivation
  • Power Chord
  • Running
  • Shadow Slash
  • Sheltering Bliss
  • Snatch
  • Taekwon Jump
  • Warmth of the Moon
  • Warmth of the Stars
  • Warmth of the Sun


1st Place
180 USD to your party leader or $76.99 Donation Packages to every party member

2nd Place
75 USD to your party leader or $32.99 Donation Packages to every party member

3rd Place
30 USD to your party leader or $11.99 Donation Packages to every party member

PS: If you select the money, then the payment cannot be divided, all money will be paid to your party leader!

We can make a payout to:

  • PayPal (all countries except Russia)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Debit & Credit Cards (only for all cards in Russia and partially Ukraine)
  • Qiwi (only for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)