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How to use custom GRF like DarkSide and Grayworld:

You should use:

1. Worked and updated Grayworld/Darkside/Custom GRF
  • We do not guarantee the correct works of old and outdated GRF files
  • We do not fix your GRF on request
  • We do not post personal GRF from some players
2. Grayworld fix GRF for our custom maps

DarkSide GRF can be downloaded here:

DarkSide GRF (75MB) can be downloaded here:

Also, gray_fix (165 KB) for our custom maps can be downloaded here:

  1. Copy these GRF files into your RO folder
  2. Open DATA.INI file using Notepad
  3. You should put fix firstly and grayworld/darkside secondly

Default values:
1=pals.grf 2=nyaro.grf 3=translation.grf 4=data.grf

With darkside/grayworld and fix:
3=pals.grf 4=nyaro.grf 5=translation.grf 6=data.grf

DarkSide Screenshot (for example):