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Fishing Spots

On fishing spots there is a lot of Fish, you can catch. Each fish are separated by type Uncommon, Unique and Golden.

Comodo Fishery Jawaii Fishery Ayothaya Fishery Brasilis Fishery Hugel Fishery
Blue Fish Flying Fish Solid Fish Piranha Solid Tuna
Tiny Trout Shrimp Hairtail Catfish Salmon
Crucian Carp Giant Squid Sea Bream Spearfish Large Tuna
Golden Carp Golden Shrimp Golden Shorttail Fish Golden Catfish Golden Fish

Fishing Rod

You can buy your Lv. 1 rod for 10,000 Zeny, on NPC Fishing Rod Dealer.

Note! For level 20 and lower rod, you will lose tokens on failed upgrade.
Note! From level 21 and up to level 90, you can reduce your rod level(s) on failed upgrade.
Note! From level 90 can lose your rod on failed upgrade.

Fish Dealer & Fish Crate Dealer

You can exchange some Fish & Fish Crates for War Badge's.
There is limit of 20 for Fish deals, and 10 for Fish Crate deals.

Uncommon fish can be exchanged for 1 War Badges each, for Uncommon Fish Crate you can get 20 War Badges.
Unique fish can be exchanged for 3 War Badges each, for Unique Fish Crate you can get 50 War Badges.
Golden fish can be exchanged for 10 War Badges each, for Golden Fish Crate you can get 200 War Badges.

Fishing Rules

  • Prohibited to Fishing in inactive window.
  • Prohibited to Fishing from multi-accounts.
  • Prohibited to Fishing AFK.