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We noticed that many players try to pay with debit and credit cards through UnitPay payment gateway and get an error.

Reason: UnitPay accepts only cards issued in Russia region.

A small instruction on how to donate if you only have a debit or credit card:

1. If you want to donate more than 49.99 USD, then you can buy crypto for 7% fee (Min. 10 USD) on this website:

A cryptocurrency wallet is also available there for Web/Mobile/Desktop.

We advise you to buy a little more currency due to the difference in rates and possible changes during this time.

I recommend buying ETH, payment will be faster than when paying in BTC, and fees will be less.

After receiving the cryptocurrency, follow the instructions on the website and pay with a 15% OFF (discount).

Only for payments from 49.99 USD when transferring directly to BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, ZEC, DASH, DOGE you will receive 20% OFF

(contact Discord df#0099 to get my address and exact amount). Thus, you will cover the fees for the purchase of cryptocurrency and it will be more profitable.

2. Create a PayPal account and attach your debit or credit card to your PayPal account.

After that, pay with PayPal, the entire amount will be converted into USD and transaction will be carried out in the currency in which your card is issued.