Claw Machine

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Claw machine

Each player can experience their luck by playing Claw machine (Trinity 12, 110)

Claw Machine.jpg

To start the game, you must have 25x War badges (#ID 7773)

After the badges are loaded, the machine will ask you about the direction in which you want to move the claw:

  • Back
  • Left
  • Right
  • Front

Claw moves three times.

The number of games is not limited. Try different combinations and get valuable prizes.

For example, from Claw Machine a player can get:

  • RWC Fragments
  • Costume Black & White Valkyrie Helm
  • Costume Hitsygaya Aura
  • Costume Abbadon Aura
  • Costume Safety Hat

You are able to play this game as many times as you want as long as you have War badges. Full reward list is a mystery and will not be listed! So play to find out what you can win!

Good luck!


RWC Fragments & RWC Helm

You can receive a RWC Fragments from Claw Machine to exchange it to one of the 3 RWC Headgears on NPC 'RWC Helm Exchanger'

RWC Crown of victory.
Attack Speed is increased by 10%.
All Stats +3.
Increases damage from DemiHuman monster by 5%.
Impossible to refine this item.
All transfer methods except Kafra Storage are locked.

Location: Upper Headgear
Weight: 20
Level Requirement: 1
Jobs: All classes
Card Slots: 1