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Player, who actively participate in Battlegrounds battles, who spend there most of the playing time, can sent application for BG Helper status.

If you was accepted, you can use special command (@bghelp) and undertakes to monitor for game rule violators, delete them from battle via (@bghelp "<char_name>" <reason>)

You need to understand that your main task is to kick griefers/afk farmers and only it, and your rights would be removed if you will use your power for your own benefit? If you agreed, we will give you rights.


  • Good English language skills, written & spoken.

Application form:

  • IGN (In-game nickname)
  • Age, Gender
  • In-game Online Hours/Days (Weekdays/Weekends etc.)
  • Battlegrounds Online (percent from In-game Online)
  • You personal qualities

Sent your application to nurkz#8888 (discord). (In a few day we will give you an answer)

Active helpers will be rewarded.